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Have you dreamt of a platform that merges entertainment and business within a virtual 3D lobby? The metaverse of the future is ready to be created, and PILADYS is your opportunity to be part of something grand.
This world might be closer than you imagine, effectively integrating NFT games and augmented reality into an interactive environment. In PILADYS, businesses have the opportunity to advertise in this unique space, while WEB2 organically integrates into our 3D interactive modes.
But we don't stop there. We also ensure that our platform interacts effectively with Web3 smart contracts, thus establishing a solid connection between the virtual and financial worlds.
With PILADYS, we are redefining the boundaries between the real and the virtual, creating a space where business, entertainment, and finance converge for an immersive and dynamic experience. Join us on this exciting journey towards the future of the metaverse.
We plan to release different games with various themes and we will add utility to the token, which will be used to obtain rewards. Many of the mechanics and details of the economy will be decided in the DAO and through community surveys.
The first of the games will be a car racing game. Several related NFT collections will be released.
The games are being developed in Unreal Engine and on the BSC blockchain, just like the PILADYS token. We are currently working on the first of several games. Stay tuned for news about the progress of the developments!