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The PILADYS - Milady PI NFT collection represents an unprecedented exclusivity in the world of cryptocurrencies. These NFTs will be launched through a private sale which will be accessed via a whitelist. This process ensures that our most loyal and committed followers have the first opportunity to acquire these exclusive NFTs.
After the private sale, a public sale will be held, giving more people the opportunity to be part of this revolution.
Stay tuned on our social media for more details and updates about this exciting launch. We look forward to seeing you in the PILADYS community to be part of the exclusivity and the future that our NFTs represent!

Increase in liquidity through the Health Token and the sale of NFTs:

When an MiLady PI NFT is sold, 40% of the value in BNB will be added to the Liquidity. This will be done by adding a portion of the Health Tokens proportional to the current price. This will establish a market base with a pool locked on DXsale.

Distribution of NFT sales:

TEAM: 30%