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π Why do our Miladys love the number PI? π

Milady Pi (PILADYS) It's a revolution on the Binance Smart Chain where beauty, technology, and the number π unite in perfect harmony.
We will connect our token with PI NETWORK to offer functionalities to their ecosystem.
Participation in the PI Network Hackathon - Registration in June 2023 -
Like π, with its infinite decimals, PILADYS has limitless growth potential.
Our Miladys adopt the philosophy of the number π and offer a unique opportunity in the world of cryptocurrencies.
PILADYS holders will not only have exclusive access to purchase our unique NFTs but also the opportunity to participate in our staking program.
Moreover, we will celebrate major milestones and special events, like Bitcoin Halving, with token burns, helping to reduce the circulating supply and potentially increase the value of the token.